B is for Balance


In the second installment of the alphabet challenge. B is for balance.

So many people feel unfulfilled in life. Many times this comes from a lack of balance. A fulfilled life is one where a person is able to juggle self, family, close personal relationships, contribution to community, and providing monetarily for material needs.

It is great when an opportunity is designed to combine some of these aspects of life. For example when one can offer a positive contribution to community that results in monetary gain thereby leaving more time for self and family. Or when the rare opportunity unfolds where working with friends and family works well. The combination thereby offers more time for focus on other endeavors of self development and expression.

Creating this balance is an important part of living a positive and self-empowered life. The responsibility to demand this balance is on the individual. The desire must come from within and a person must make a conscious effort to create a balanced life.

This may mean sacrificing in some ways for the greater vision. It may mean accepting less money to spend more time developing enriching relationships or it may mean being bold and demanding money for time and talents given. Each may mean exploring new expressions of courage. Yet the risk is worth the reward of living a balanced and satisfying life experience.


About sophiatwrites

Sophia Tesch has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication with a focus on Technical Writing and Writing for the Web, from Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. Sophia currently writes and creates web content as a freelancer for Upwork. To learn more visit http://www.sophiawrites.com .

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