D is for Do -it -yourself


In the fourth installment of the A-Z series. D is for Do-it-yourself.

DIY Do- it-yourself. It has been the premise of stores and cable channels. Taking the power to create one’s own kitchen. Now may I propose that you create your own destiny?

As I interact out in the world and also in comments as I surf the web which is something I do a lot. I can’t help but notice how many people place the power of their lives outside of themselves. They place power in the government, the church, the boss, their partners or the idea of a partner out there. They wait for millionaires, billionaires and other such gurus to bestow the magic fairy dust of grace and good fortune upon them. When the truth is simple. The power is in your hands.

Each day working to do one thing toward the completion of fulfilling a custom made personal ultimate potential plan. Each day do one activity that gets you closer to your personal goals for self empowerment and a feeling of personal satisfaction. Do something yourself that brings you closer to your personal best results. This is how you get there. You need no one’s permission it is something that is uniquely yours. Take it for yourself. Create the reality yourself. It is something that is powerful and cannot be taken from you.

If you create once you can forever create again. Each success snowballs into another because with each success comes a self confidence that others are attracted to. It also creates a track record of experience and accomplishment that is it’s own reward.

So stop waiting for permission or someone else’s validation of your work. Keep doing the work that is exciting and that flares up an excitement for life. The rest will take care of itself.


About sophiatwrites

Sophia Tesch has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication with a focus on Technical Writing and Writing for the Web, from Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. Sophia currently writes and creates web content as a freelancer for Upwork. To learn more visit http://www.sophiawrites.com .

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