J is for Jokes


Part ten of the A-Z series. J is for Jokes.

Since “H” was used for Happiness, “J” will be for Jokes. Humor has to be one of the fundamental characteristic traits of a happy person. It allows a person to survive the craziness of life by creating a counter-crazy that seems to bring a harmonious juxtaposition to the random chaos of life’s events.

Jokes. Have some, know some, the lighten up the world when it gets heavy. That is why so many stand up comedians who often found them selves in situations that demanded a good laugh. Laugh so you don’t cry. Laugh out loud with joy at the beauty of life. Laugh at the adorableness of small children, animals and other such things that tickle your fancy and get the chuckles going. It’s good to have humor, to laugh, jokes are good.

Build up your repertoire for a rainy day. Find some favorites. Funny quotes about life are great as well. Looking through the timeless jokes of the ages, they tell us “you are not alone, others have been there before you” the names are different but the jokes the same. The satire, the jokes about politics, love and life. Not too different over time just switch a few words, names and situations now and then.

Humanity. We are all a part of it like the poetry word magnets that some have on their fridge at home we experience these words in our own series, our own custom poem of life. Love, death, birth, heartbreak, joy, disappointment, achievement, smile, cry, cough, laugh, tease, joke, find comfort. A time to every purpose under Heaven.

So laugh, take life as light and easy as you can. It is meant to be joyful, meant to be fun, meant to have some simple pleasures mixed in with the work and the challenges that are inherent in the experience of living. Make ’em laugh, Make em laugh, make em laugh! J is for jokes.


About sophiatwrites

Sophia Tesch has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication with a focus on Technical Writing and Writing for the Web, from Arizona State University, Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. Sophia currently writes and creates web content as a freelancer for Upwork. To learn more visit http://www.sophiawrites.com .

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