How to get through hard times focus, breathe and move through it


Just about everyone I know has been going through some difficult times recently. Difficult is an understatement actually, more like earth shattering, my life is completely different now types of changes. How does a person make it through a reality that shakes their very foundation of what reality used to be before that point in time?

There is a saying that is very true that thoughts are things. It is important always to keep a positive and solution oriented thought stream going yet that becomes ever more difficult when profound life stressors come into play. The more stressed a person is the more likely they are to want to panic and panicky thoughts are rarely productive.

When it becomes difficult to control one’s own thoughts because times are tough the best thing to do is to borrow someone else’s thoughts. This is when it is good to have positive materials around. Spiritual texts, quotes from others who have been there before, motivational texts, or even literature about the issue causing the problems. Inspirational songs, funny shows or even such tools as meditation cards and the like can be helpful to focus negative stray thoughts into a calmer more peaceful stream of consciousness.

It is important to try to keep a personal routine up as well as is possible. These life landmarks are the things that give peace-of-mind, the little things. A favorite morning ritual, hobbies and meetings with friends are the types of things that though they may be modified to fit the situation are important to give the emotional recharge needed to make it through difficult times.

Create a collection to inspire you during difficult times. For it is not a matter of if, only when, some form of hard times will come to call. Humor is also an effective tool for dealing with challenging times, especially those that are currently out of an individual’s control.

Make sure to rest and give oneself care during difficult times and also to expect less productivity during emotional ordeals. So many times there is the unreasonable expectation that life should be able to go on at the same level of productivity. Yet, that is simply not true. Emotional ordeals such as death of a loved one, job loss, divorce, personal illness or the illness of a loved one are all mentally and emotionally taxing and that can drain personal energy tremendously. Sometimes just making it through a day seems to take up all personal energy reserves. As such, it is important to have realistic expectations and not to over-schedule, leaving time to just be still and recuperate.

Keep thoughts focused on the possibility of better times. Take time educate yourself about more effective methods of dealing with the problem at hand. Perhaps go back to school to learn a new skill or some new form of self-improvement and when there is nothing that can be done for your personal situation take time to help others. Volunteering can take your mind off of your problems for a while and can offer a way to stay positive and hopeful for the future while making a difference and being the answer to somebody else’s prayer.

Just remember that although a problem may not be able to be solved right away it is important to keep moving forward. To have a daily goal, to do something any action even if it is small to continue to work toward your ultimate potential. When a person is moving forward they are less likely to get caught in the pit of quicksand that is self-pity and despair. Ultimately that is the difference between those who make it through the difficult times and those who do not fair as well.


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