Confidence v. Arrogance


What is the difference between a confident person and an arrogant person? Confidence is inspiring and positive where arrogance generally turns people off and sends them away. The arrogant person is a talker. Often talking about what they have done, their various perceived accomplishments, who they know, what they know and the list goes on.

Confident people don’t feel the need to talk about their accomplishments because their accomplishments speak for themselves. Often other people will tell the confident person how good they’re doing because they are being judged by their actions, not their perceptions about the impact they are having in the world.

Simply put, the confident person is able to back up their talk with results. Arrogant people are often unproven, insecure and have a false sense of their positive impact on the world around them. Arrogant people have not paid their dues and this is what causes them to receive negative feedback when they tout their perceived accomplishments to others.

Confidence is built one successful result at a time. There is no way to cheat and get there it can only be earned. Each experience and event builds to the next until a person creates a strong foundation of accomplishment on which to stand and be judged at the end of the day for their contribution to humanity.

The arrogant foundation is false, weak and with holes that do not stand up to truth and scrutiny. In this case there is nothing of substance left behind of any real value and in many cases quite the opposite is true where the arrogant person was more destructive than helpful in their particular community.

Confidence has a power to it. It is magnetic and attractive. It is an inner light that shines through the eyes of a person who knows they are capable of accomplishing great things because they have actually walked through the fire and have done it. They have proof, people love a leader and a passionate person who is able to get things done.

Arrogance is like assault. Someone trying to steal power through a con job that they want to sell to appear to be more capable than they have had the ability to demonstrate in real experience. The interesting thing about arrogance is that the lie can be made true with work and diligence to task. If a person wants to they can trade in the false notions of what they would like others to believe them to be, take the path of those before them who have confidently accomplished such things and earn the confidence themselves. This takes focused action, work, sacrifice and determination to trade in arrogance for confidence. It is very possible, even more so when a person makes a plan and follows through on it.

From a distance confidence and arrogance can seem very similar in the end it’s about taking the actions, making the sacrifices and doing the work in order to be able to back up the claims to one’s abilities.


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