More “YES!” moments


The first week of January. A new year 2012. Turn on the television to all of the weight loss, quit smoking, financial planning and tax preparation ads. Thinking about a resolution. Mine this year is simply more fun, less bs. Yet it wasn’t until a moment ago that I could really pinpoint what I want. I want a tremendous amount of “YES!” moments in my life. Those moments when my fist unconsciously pumps in the air and I yell out “YE-S-S-S!”.  That one magical moment when the Universe aligns in my favor and the harvest comes in for time invested. In order to have YES! moments one has to sew the seeds. Have a goal, place action into it every day, invest in making myself who I want to be.  Making myself who I want to be involves education, attention to the goal and focused action. This is the structure in which the YES! moment flourishes. I want to be happy. I want a satisfying life. I want as many YES! moments as I can have in this lifetime. I haven’t had that many yet, so I must make up for lost time. It is possible though. As a somewhat related side note I would add this little ditty that was posted on Facebook. Nothing is impossible. For if you look at the word itself it says I’m Possible.

Whatever your resolution is, if you even resolve not to have one, remember that all is possible.

Everyone is capable of living a satisfying life.

Happy New Year from Summary of a Happy Life! 🙂



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