Healthy Choices


So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being. Franz Kafka

There’s a lot of talk about food lately. It’s strange that humans ever decided to create food that works counter to survival. It’s difficult for many to get into all the fad diet stuff. I’m no exception. Yet, today change came to my kitchen when I put together a pretty good sandwich wrap. It was a busy day and my husband took the kids on an outing, so it was vital to fill the time with writing and other mental activities that are best done in solitude. I was in the midst of a flurry of productivity when my body gave me that grumbling reminder of the limits of mortality and the dire need for sustenance. This bio-alarm inevitably leads to a dash to the pantry a handful of chips or cookies as ransom pay to the growl in my stomach. Then back to work. Not Today. Today instead of grabbing some chips or cookies  I cracked open a can of tuna, a bag of salad I had previously prepared, some Kraft Fat Free Italian dressing and a tortilla. I sprinkled the colorful salad, watching the white circle of the tortilla fill up with deep greens, crisp orange, juicy reds and then added the drained Tuna Wraptuna on top of it. A little shake of salt and pepper, some garlic powder for good measure and a splash of Italian dressing wrapped that baby up and I was in business! That was a great, fast lunch on the go. Most importantly it was a action of self-love and care. Something that is important to a happy life. Those little choice add up. Eat something that brings pleasure in the moment. Take it that next step by making it something that honors the temple of the body, because a body that works well can do amazing things.

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