Sophia Tesch loves to write and speak about empowerment through civic engagement. “There are a lot of things out of whack in this world. However, I don’t believe we are resigned to accept it as the way it is and will always be.” Sophia says, ” It is up to us the “everyday people” of the world to find out how we can do things better and with mutual respect for others that we may come together in mutually beneficial alliances on a global scale. It is only then that we will truly live in a safe, prosperous and more socially just world. A world that more people can feel included in, a world that humans can feel good living in.” Sophia works everyday in small, real world, hands on ways to make the world more beautiful, safe and caring.  She enjoys hearing the perspectives of others and feels that experience is the best teacher.

Sophia Tesch is a mother, wife and helps her husband Andrew with their (very) small business in Mesa, Arizona. Sophia is active in her community as Placement Chair on the Board of Mesa Leadership Training and Development and as Chair, of the Human Services Advisory Board for the City of Mesa.

As a child Sophia moved to many places throughout the United States of America and traveled to many countries around the world. This gave her a unique global perspective about “the way things are done”. As she grew Sophia began to learn that change does not come from the top down. Change comes in communities when “everyday people” get involved. Voting with their dollars and their choices. Learning to use the systems of civic engagement afforded to them as individuals. “People do not only have the right, they have the responsibility to do what they can to leave any place they are better than they found it. Only when individuals learn how to do their part, can the world become a place that feels good to live in.”

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