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M is for Memories


Part thirteen in the A-Z series. M is for Memories.

What is the meaning of life? This question has haunted humans over the ages. Philosophers ponder it, writers write about it, artists paint about it and at some point it seems the question comes to each individual at some point in their life demanding some sort of answer.

In someways the answer is very specific to each life experience what is a particular human beings optimum potential. That is an answer that must ultimately be answered through the journey of living for each person. However, it seems there is a Universal purpose of meaning of life… to create memories.

In the end if we are afforded the luxury of basking in old-age that which is amassed as treasure are the many stories that a person is able to tell about their time here on the planet. Your personal record, field journal, biography, epic or not so epic legend to be told for the ages. What fills the pages of your book of life?

Waking up in the morning each person has the opportunity to create memories for a lifetime. What memories are you capable of creating? What stories do you want to be able to tell? What is keeping you from creating these memories? Are these challenges able to be overcome?

Some call it a bucket list. A list of things that people want to accomplish before they die. However, this is grandiose in nature. Create a memorable moment everyday. Just a little something special. My youngest child taught me this when she was old enough to appreciate her birthday and decided that everyday should be her birthday. And why not? Why can’t all of our days be a version of our birthday? Maybe not blown all out as the actual day might be but in little ways that mean a lot. Our favorite breakfast, lunch with friends, a small treat to make us smile, a tasty dinner, cuddling and connecting with those we love. Why not do that to some degree everyday?

Our life is a series of memories. What memories are you creating for yourself?