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Do your surroundings reflect you or someone else?


Look around you? Do you like what you see? Who is represented in the space you are in? Is it filled with things that please and empower you? Or is it a physical manifestation of compromise, someone else’s dream?

Having a space that is truly yours is an important part of living a satisfying life. Like a recharging pad for an electronic device humans need a recharge pad a place that is a unique manifestation of them. The colors selected, the style and decor, the little knickknacks and living items should say “This is me, this is who I am in this life.” Not to say that items are who you are in life, it is what is behind the items the picture of the time spent with friends, the t-shirt from a favorite concert or event that you went to. The pet that you may or may not have the books you read the souvenirs from your life journey. It is about the procurement of the objects, the stories to tell, the decisions that make a space uniquely yours that matters.

Every one needs a space that reflect them back to themselves. That reminds you of your humanity and who you are. A place with your favorite music, your favorite food, your favorite textures and scents. These are like a reset where you can walk into a space take a deep breath to blow the hassles and obligations of the world away and just be. This is so vital to a fulfilling life.

Of course it all goes back to the initial work of all human beings, to define self. What do you like? What should or shouldn’t be in your space? What accurately represents you as a person? These questions must be answered before the shopping begins.

Many years ago I saw the perfect example of this experience. Dr. Gladys McGary an amazing accomplished woman, holistic healer, author, speaker, mother, you name it she’s done it. A can do lady. I had the privilege of being invited into her home, her domicile, her space. This is where I learned about this philosophy by example. Being in Dr. Gladys’ home was like a museum of Dr. Gladys’ life. Not pretentious or self involved in any way it was just a physical space that said “This is who I am, this is what I’ve done.”

Most impressive was the skin of a tiger over her couch which she had slain herself in India many years before. She said the tiger had forced her into a position of defense and she was protecting her own life and that of the villagers who had come for medical help. It was the story that was evoked from the tiger rug on the wall that made it even more impressive the tiger lived on through her stories.

When moving in with others we sometimes sacrifice our expression for that of another. The perfect home is one that has a little bit of all the house members represented in the space and that each person has some place even if it is just a small corner that they can call their own a place that is only theirs that they can create their reflecting spot.

If your space does not currently reflect you find out how it can. If you work in a place that doesn’t allow personal belongings what is something temporary that allows you to make the space your own while you are there. If you share a space, how can you have enough of you in your surroundings to truly reflect your time here on Earth? Make your own museum of you, something to share with others and call your own.

P is for Pre-package life


Part sixteen of the A-Z series P is for Pre-packaged life.

Pre-packaged life (TM). This is a term I came up with to describe those who have bought into an illusion of a life, it has no thought, no intention or consciousness particularly involved in it. It’s merely a walk through a predetermined checklist of life events set before them by relatives and also by an almost paralyzing fear of doing something wrong.

So they accept the package given them it goes a little something like this…

You will go to this school.
You will take these classes.
You will do these after school activities.
You will have these friends.
You will date these people.
You will graduate and go to this college.
You will be involved in this college group.
You will do these activities while at college.
You will graduate college.
You will cheer for this sports team.
You will work in this field.
You will work at this company.
You will marry this person.
You will drive this car.
You will wear these clothes.
You will eat this type of food.
You will go to this church.
You will interact with these people.
You will watch this type of programming.
You will listen to this type of music.
You will have this amount of children.
They will go to this school, this church, interact with these people.
You will join this political party and vote the way you are told.
You will vacation at these places when we tell you to.
You will retire when we tell you to.
You will live here when you retire.
You will do these activities when you retire.
You will be buried in a manner and in the place pre-determined.
The end.

All of this to fit a pre-package mold of what a successful life looks like. Now granted there are people where this path genuinely fits them. They are able to fulfill their true potential on this tract and this may be their actual choices for themselves. However, for many people they have spent more time contemplating what they want in their coffee at Starbucks then they ever have contemplated who they are and what would be the optimum potential of their life experience.

Many merely march blindly through the checklist of a pre-packaged life because that is what they are “supposed” to do and feel quite desperate and depressed because it has nothing to do with authentic passion or what they may have been placed on this planet to do. I believe we all have an optimum potential available to us. Yet that opportunity takes some work to achieve. The reward is that of the mountaineer who climbs Everest or the explorer that takes an uncharted path. Very few get to see the exquisite places kept secret by the Earth and by Life given only to those courageous and brave of heart enough to take the journey.