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U is for Unlimited


Twenty-first part of the A-Z series. U is for Unlimited.

To be truly Unlimited. What would that even look like? Can you picture it? What an experiment like a child just learning to walk that huge beaming smile that comes from finally having a taste of being in control of ones destiny. I can go there. I can move over there what joy sparkles in the eye of a new toddler.

Are we able to be much the same way? To take a moment to breathe to free up the personal schedule enough, to be out in an open field and just be? What are the possibilities of being Unlimited? The movie Limitless addresses this question. One thing I find in my personal experience is a disappointment at times in the lack of creativity of my thoughts. These are the materials for which to build my dreams and many times they feel so restricted. For example this question…

What would you do with 24 hours if money were no object and you could manifest any reality?

What is your answer to this question? I go over it time and time again starting from my own limited reality and expanding my mind to encompass larger and more outlandish outcomes. Just to do it. Just to explore what is possible. It’s a great big universe out there who knows what is able to be tapped into. What great adventures there are to be had.

So often it is easy especially in the state the Earth is in now to consider that which is not so great about humanity. Yet now I strive to ask questions about the best tastes, the greatest pleasures, the most mind blowing beauty. Unlimited happiness and joy. What does that look like? How can I manifest that? If only in my imagination where all great visions start? This is my great goal for my remaining time in this life. To create and enjoy as many of these moments, these memories of the future as I can.

To live an Unlimited existence. To live to my ultimate potential. This is a worthy goal for anyone. What does this picture look like in your life? What obstacles are in the way of this ultimate existence and where do they come from? Some are self inflicted when trying to fit a mold we say “Oh I can’t do that, that’s silly I need to be…(a grown up, serious, a career person, just fill in the blank with appropriate excuse). Sometimes it is an outside source you are a mother/father, of a certain religion, you are a male/female or whatever label makes it not ok to be what you would be if all the rules and labels were removed, all the shoulds taken away.

Oh how glorious. I just want to bask in that possibility for a moment. If all the barriers and restrictions were taken away. What a weight lifted off! Often times this is why many people dream of that uber rich lifestyle. What they are really craving is this Unlimited possibility that comes with being able to afford to do anything. It is Freedom that humans crave though many are afraid to embrace it. I would like to know what it is like to embrace it.

To truly be Unlimited. What does that reality look like to you?