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S is for Sacrifice


Part nineteen in the A-Z series. S is for Sacrifice.

It seems only appropriate to write today’s blog about Sacrifice as I am writing on the first day of Memorial Day weekend. As I studied and meditated on the idea of sacrifice, personal sacrifice, many thoughts came to me. The first being the immense spiritual power that comes from the act of sacrificing self for the greater good of something bigger. It is like the act of putting an electrical plug into an outlet allowing a rush of spiritual current.

There has developed a false perception of a victim mentality when thinking about sacrifice. That the person being in some way forced to sacrifice is a victim to be pitied in some way. There is discomfort in sacrifice certainly, however it is only through going through the ordeal of the very intense act of sacrificing for a greater cause that anyone can truly know what it feels like to become part of something bigger than oneself. It is in such acts that a person becomes a part of human history, a sense of purpose that many who have experienced it would say was worth any pain or suffering that happened during the process.

Sacrifice can be as small as fasting for a day to appreciate those without food security. It can be giving up your morning coffee money or money for one pair of shoes to donate to help others going through a natural disaster. It can be volunteering a Saturday to help clean up a blighted neighborhood or to take out a kid of a single parent and treat them to a special day. These sacrifices of caring mean a lot.

Often when thinking about sacrifice those who are first to come to mind are people who put life and future on the line in the service of others, the soldier, the firefighter, police officer, the doctor or the nurse. Public servants and teachers are sometimes thought of as sacrificing a position of higher pay or prestige to encourage and develop the next generation of educated citizens and those in need. Parents often sacrifice for the good of their children. Religious leaders who give their life in service to others are thought to sacrifice for the spiritual life of the community.

Sacrifice can lead to a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment and life purpose when it is in service to others. I often wonder what kind of world it would be if each individual were as excited to be the answer to someone else’s prayers as much as they were to have their own prayer answered? Sacrifice is spiritual currency. What sacrifice will you make in service to the idea that we can make life on Earth as we imagine it to be in Heaven?