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Y is for Yield


The twenty-fifth installment of the A-Z series. Y is for Yield.

I believe in synchronicity. It wasn’t something I had to be cajoled into, it has simply happened way too many times to be able to ignore it. For example this morning when I was walking toward the computer to contemplate a ‘Y’ word for the day and my daughter walks up to me with a small sign from her train set that said “Yield” and asked me what it meant. That was Divine intervention.

See many times we look for Divine intervention in life as the burning bush, the staff turning into and asp, show me something great we demand of the Universe, to prove there really is something there. However, the miracles happen all the time. They are all around us, they show us the important lesson of yielding.

The term yield itself has many meanings. They range from surrender to return on investment, it speaks of flexibility and of when to be persuaded by other opinions, and it talks about allowing another to have their turn in order to avoid the pain and suffering of a collision.


To give in to the flow. This can be difficult for many people. We have this sense of manifest destiny. We are going to go out there into the world to force it to yield to our will. Where it is true that action is needed to make things happen there are different ways of going about taking action, because a lot of what goes into successful action has to do with timing. When a person tries to force an issue and finds themselves to be unable to yield the type of results they want. It may be because they refuse to yield to the overwhelming force of timing.

Many times it is not just about determination, it is about many moving pieces coming together as they need to in order to create the circumstances needed for success and that process often takes time. We must be always ready for opportunity, and at the same time wise enough to recognize when the timing is off.

Return on Investment

The term yield in financial terms has to do with ROI or return on investment is a financial term that speaks about the money made annually on an investment. Yield also talks about crops and reaping the harvest of what has been previously sown. These aspects of the term yield caused me to wonder how much thought a person puts into return on investment. All the time, love, energy, life force put into the day to day living of one’s life. Is it yielding a healthy return?

Many times people get so involved in the actual actions of the day that they don’t really have time or energy to ponder whether the return on investment is worth the effort. What results are yielded from this endeavor whether it be a relationship, a career choice, or anything else that a person gives parts of their precious life to.

Being Flexible

Bend like the reed. So much about surviving the difficult patches of life depend on one’s ability to bend and not break with the changes of the world. Being flexible, attempting to understand the perspective of others in order to be true to yourself, yet to also be able to bring harmony to an environment is very important. Those who are able to successfully assimilate into many situations are the ones who ultimately have the most success and fulfillment in life.

As the old saying goes a person cannot control all that happens to them. What they do have absolute control over is how they react to that situation and that can make all the difference. Stop resisting and make the best of each moment, flexibility is key. Always be open to the idea that there is always more to learn, more to do and see. No one can know everything and being set in your ways only gives people more incentive to pass you by, not that you will be able to influence them.

Yield also speaks about the change from old to new. The old paradigms that made sense in the past now yield to modern thinking, new information, the changes presented by time and society. The best way to influence others and have a higher yield of happiness and fulfillment is to live through example. Live a full and joyful life. This is magnetic and is the most efficient way of bringing what you desire into your sphere of influence.

When not to yield.

There are certain things that one simply must not yield to, violence and intimidation for example. One must never allow either into their sphere of influence. Hate and lies should also not be something a person yields to. Compromise to the point of becoming something you are not in an attempt to be a better match for a person or group should not be yielded to. We need to keep our core self in tact. For like the old country song says ” You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

Weak force and strong force, knowing when to yield and when to stand firm. These are important life skills to have in today’s ever changing world.