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R is for Romance


Part eighteen in the A-Z series. R is for Romance.

What is the state of romance in the modern technological age? Is it dead or has it merely morphed into something that may not be recognizable by pre-industrial age standards? Did the women’s liberation movement kill it or the instant gratification expectations that have developed over the past thirty years? Is romance dead or is it alive and well?

I am kind of nostalgic, a romantic at heart and would like to see the return of old school romance. Now I am not advocating the return to the prudish and oppressive mentality of the earlier centuries. What I miss are the romantic correspondences, the flirting games, the nuance and subtlety that comes with delaying sexual gratification which is ultimately sensual and can lead to more passion when that special moment finally arrives.

For many modern Earth dwellers of the working class there is no time nor energy left in most days for authentic romance. It takes preparation and thought to create a truly romantic scenario. Money varies, many thoughtful interactions can occur without a large monetary investment. Because of the need for prep work the prospects of romance becomes lessened after the age of thirty when commitments, obligations and possibly children come into the mix. These same challenges are also great opportunities to be romantic and to practice those fun little games of love.

There is great potential for romance in this day and age. We can take all the best from history the ages, give it a little mix of current knowledge and apply it to our relationships. Compliments, smiles, simple trinkets and correspondences ,snail mail kind with stationary or a card or a text when the moment calls for it, gives spice to life and makes it fun and interesting to be alive.

What can you do to add more spice and romance to your world?